My thoughts about Go

I’ve always liked C and its simplicity, but it’s kinda tedious to write bigger programs in it, which is why I’ve always refrained from doing so. It’s not even the memory management, it’s simple things, like working with strings, or the overhead you have for calling “methods”, animal_do_something(animal). In comes Go, the programming language by Google.

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Every once in a while I think “you need a blog!”, especially around the times when I start new projects. I just want to log the development, for others and myself, but then the project gets canceled, for whatever reasons, and one year later I look at my blog and I wonder what I should do with it.

Today was this fateful day, imaginary ladies and gentlemen, and I pronounce that I’ll try to actually use this blog as a blog from now on! Mind-blowing, I know. Excited? Well, let’s get to it!