Assembly: Redefined – Macros to the rescue

After taking my first steps in the world of Assembly, and getting my little extended Hello World running, I had learned that writing error-free Assembly code is by no means impossible, but you have to take great care to not make mistakes. I basically had to turn on my debugger after every bigger modification, because I had accidentally broken something.

But just like C and other languages protect you from simple mistakes, like not unwinding the stack after calling a cdecl-convention function, or addressing variables on the stack incorrectly, you can easily help yourself write cleaner, more robust code with the help of macros.

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A little adventure into Assembly

A few days ago, a thought popped into my head. “Hey, let’s learn how to write assembly!”

While I know the basics of how Assembly works, and even though I’ve read some Assembly code over the years, while debugging or analyzing applications, I’ve never written an actual program in any Assembly language. That obviously had to change.

How hard could it be, right?

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