Melia is an open-source server software for the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Tree of Savior. It emulates official servers, allowing players to create their own servers for the game that they can connect to using the official client. It’s written in C# (core) and Lua (scripts) and uses MySQL for its database. For cross-platform compatibility it supports Mono.

Development began in 2015, but only really took off when the project became public in April of 2016. It’s in its very early stages, as basic features, like NPCs, combat, and skills are added.

I’ve started this project because of the game’s affiliation with the Ragnarok Online community, where I “grew up” as a programmer. I’ve learned a lot while working with Ragnarok server emulators in my youth, and I hoped to continue doing so, working on its spiritual successor, while giving others the opportunity to learn from their favorite game as well.

Unfortunately the game was considered a let down by many players, which limited the enthusiasm in spending weeks and months on creating a well running server emulator. While Melia is still being kept compatible to the latest clients, it hasn’t been in active development since late 2016.


Development start: late 2015
Lines of code (core): ~13,728 (February 2016)
Lines of code (scripts): ~6,632 (February 2016)