Degu Rechner


Those cute little things in the image above are Degus. When my mom got hers a few years ago, and whenever we got new ones, we always had to check whether the cages would be big enough. Calculators for this purpose existed on the web, but they were flawed, and since my mom didn’t even have her own PC at the time, I put together this little mobile ready Web App for her to calculate how many Degus a specific cage could hold, the “Degu Rechner” (Degu Calculator).

I don’t know if the numbers are still correct after all those years though, the general opinion about what’s needed changes from time to time 🙂

From top to bottom the app reads:

  • Degu Calculator
  • Main cage
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Height
  • Add extension
  • Calculate
  • Restart
  • Base area: x
  • Volume: x
  • Your cage is suitable for x-y Degus.


Degu Rechner