About me


I’m Dennis, a 34 year old programmer from Lower Saxony, Germany. Though if you look for me you’ll likely find me by my pseudonym “exec”.

In 2010 I finished my apprenticeship for application developer (“Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung”), learning the ins and outs of programming… in theory. I feel mostly self-taught, having started coding websites at the age of 12, and feeling unchallenged in programming class most of the time, making me work on my personal projects instead.

Over the years I’ve gained experience in a number of programming languages, like Visual Basic, C, D, PHP, and JavaScript, but my goto language of choice for the past few years has been C#, the language I chose to write my first MMORPG server emulator in. That being said, I generally advocate for the idea that a programmer is only really a programmer if they’re able to adapt to new languages and technologies fast. You don’t learn C, and Java, and Python, you learn to program, the rest is largely replacing vocabulary.

Outside of programming I enjoy some select TV shows, light novels, and gaming, but really, there’s rarely a time during which I don’t think about my current or next programming project.