Monster Connection



Monster Connection is an upcoming virtual pet game for mobile devices. Your job is to take care of a baby monster and to raise it, to eventually battle other monsters.

Aside from crying babies and letting them fight to death (kidding), you can also engage in fun mini-games and meet your friend’s monsters.

Planned Features

Raise and train your monster across multiple evolutions

Choose a monster egg when starting the game, watch your monster hatch, grow, and become stronger.

Play mini-games

Play games with your monster to raise its affection and earn gold.

Interact with your friends and others over the Internet

Let your monsters play and fight.


Want to know what to expect? Think about a combination of Tamagochis (Digimon), Monster Rancher, and Nintendogs. But on your smart-phone. And in 3D. And cooler. And over the Internet. It’s 2013 for crying out loud! And we’re stuck with mini-game collections and apps that emulate ancient toys.

Targeted Systems

Mainly iOS and Android, maybe Windows Phone.
Potentially Windows, MacOS, Linux, and/or Web as well, with synchronization between the devices.

Technologies Used

Unity, C#


Planned Baby Monsters

(Images and models by Bitgem 3d)